Polarizing Film Cutting Machines

Product Name

Fully Automatic Optical Film Finishing Machine, PLA-BEAUTY (Small Size)

Type PLPB-300
Applications End face finishing machine for optical film, such as polarizing plates

High precision end face mirror finishing machine for optical film for which stacked cutting proves difficult

Fully Automatic PLA-BEAUTY PLPB-600

Synchronous Rotary Clamp - Small Size (Supports 1 to 11 inches)

Product Features
  • - Supports various cutting sizes through small (1 to approx. 11 inches), medium (7 to approx. 32 inches), and large (21 to 75 inches) size models. (Custom sizes can be produced upon request)
  • - Incorporates a high pressure and high precision clamp and rotating mechanism that was achieved for cutting smooth and layered film-shaped workpieces.
  • - Chamfering dimensions of each of the four corners can be specified.
  • - Significantly increases the stackable width using a jig developed independently by MEGARO TECHNICA.
  • - Equip a safety cover to ensure protection during cutting.
  • - Employ barcodes to eliminate input errors by workers.
Small size with automatic loading machine
Also suitable for small-sized workpieces, 20 (L) x 25 (D) mm Small-size model with automatic loading machine

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